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Mining in Wildstar for fun and profit!

I’ll begin this fun article with the standard, “WildStar is still in beta disclaimer” so don’t be shocked if some of what I’m about to show you changes.

So, for starters: have you been as impressed with all the streaming of game play as I have? The chat rooms are full and the questions are flooding into the streamers. I think its an exciting time to be part of the Wildstar community!

Our every helpful Arawulf has been working through the starter areas with Cedworth and be sure to take some time to check out their videos over at Twitch.

I’ve personally never been much of a streamer but I do I have a face for radio have a temperament to write articles that (hopefully) make people think. When it comes to my attempts at streaming, I’ve concluded that there are few good reasons to subject you all to my cursing at mobs, and shouting statistics at nodes when they do not give me the right return on each hit. Fact: my wife once came in to check on me while I was playing, as I was arguing with an iron node that had spawned a creature and she thought I was on the phone arguing with some random customer service person!

So to contribute to the press release of levels 1-15 of Wildstar I wanted to start simple and take you through the first of the many Professions you can select in the game.

Look out Nexus … Anhrez is talking Econ now!


Well, heloooo wurm tunnel! Pappy needs some iron!

Now I will cover what I can, keeping the level the levels 16+ embargo in place. However, between you and me (shhhh), character levels don’t usually impact tradeskills like they do character progression, PvP, etc so we have a lot to talk about!

The choice of all the tradeskills are available to your character at level 10, as there is a quest line that leads you to a tradeskill trainer who has some background information for you and gives you the opportunity to choose two options from the list. Currently in beta we see the options as: Armorer, Mining, Outfitter, Survivalist, Weaponsmith, Technologist, Architect, Relic Hunter and Tailor.

Now here is minor knowledge bomb for you all …. be aware of your level and your location if you want to start your tradeskills at level 10. The quest can only be received if you are level 10 and within a reasonable distance from the the quest hub that has the trainer. So make sure you know where they are ahead of time. Currently the questing cycles takes you to the quest hub where the tradeskill trainers are around level 6, 7 or 8 depending on your leveling style. You can see them in game but they just have nothing for you until you reach the minimum requirement, dinging level 10. For Dominion players in Deradune the NPC that you will eventually talk with is pictured below. Can you see the dismissive comment he gives me? I am too low for him to care about at the moment.

He is giving me ‘tude! I’d smack him if I didn’t need him in a few levels

Once you select your tradeskills, if they are crafting trades you will open up the Schematics area, the Tech Tree area and the Talent Tree area within the Tradeskills area in your codex. Since I’m covering Mining we will hold off on these for another article.


So you are a trained miner …. now what? Well before I take you out and start whacking nodes, lets run through the screens a bit. All quality Econ Pvp-ers are always hyper-aware of bag space. More space means less time running back to town to sell of and more time in a loop making coin. The Carbine team did us a small solid with the inclusion of a Tradeskill bag (also called Supply Satchel).

So with a click of the small hammer seen in your inventory your Supply Satchel appear!

Ok … before the comment section fills up with … “show us the full mechanics of inventory in Wildstar!” below is what we see right now in beta

Ok .. so this is article is only talking Mining, but like you I cannot help but to be drawn to the currency display options. If you are not big on PvP you can have Elder Gems appear above your coinage or other options. I like it.

As you can see above the raw mats you gather automatically load to your Supply Satchel first, and as an extra bonus the maximum stack count for materials in the Supply Satchel is much higher than your standard inventory. You can still hold gathered materials in your inventory, the stacks are just smaller.

So what do you get from mining? Good question .. I expect nothing but the best from my readers! When you decide to mine a node you have a couple of outcomes in both materials and … well we will talk about the other outcomes in a bit. The resources you can get from an ore node are of course OreCrystals and on rare occasions Gems.  Each ‘tier’ of ore has its own resource table. The tradeskills that leverage mining as its resource pipeline require these mats in various amounts in the schematics you learn.

Here are the base materials you get from the tier 1 node Iron. The Carbine team have added info to the resources so you know who used what.

“But Anhrez you mentioned other outcomes?” Yes I did. So when you step up to an ore node and take your first swing, more than a single loot table is being queried. When you start your mining, another roll of the dice is made. I like to think ore nodes have a critical success option to them. You rush up to node and start mining, aware of the mobs around you but in a hurry to make some gold when a giant Ore Worm errupts from the ground (I call them Shai-Hulud). These worms are less than pleased that you have disturbed their slumber and spit out small mites that can kill you if you are not paying attention. If you can defeat the Ore Worm before it returns to the ground, a mining tunnel full of nodes is yours for the taking. These tunnels are full of nodes, but beware – there is a timer that only allows you to stay for so long before it ejects you back to the surface. Another option, not as spectacular but a much needed break in the monotony is the spawning of a ore bug. This is a larger version of the miniature ore mites the worm spits at you. If you do not kill this ore bug when it spawns the amount of ore you will see from your mining effort of the node is greatly diminished. Why? Well the ore node is actually the back of the bug that was comfortably snoozing when you so rudely woke it up with your laser pickaxe. Then the last and easiest to deal with is the occasional mining tunnel spawn without a Ore Worm. These are No effort, no battle just a person downspout leading to ore nodes for you to grab within the given timer.

So I have describde how you become a miner and the profit and perils of mining. To finish of the first of many articles related to Wildstar tradeskills I wanted to talk about a few of the more obscure parts of Wildstar mining.

Attacking versus Mining- Mining (and all gathering that can be trained) is much more efficient with the equipped tools of the trade than your weapon. But … if you are fighting mobs be aware that your attacks impact the node and resources will be pulled from it along with other possible issues. {not funny note: My first Ore Worm was pulled while i was killing some mobs, so lets just say I was killed quickly}

Loot Pinata – Unlike most games where a small loot box comes up that lists what you got for your mining effort, Wildstar gives you resource gathering feedback each swing! While each swing materials fly out of the node and to your feet. I like the feeling of it.

World nodes – Some games use world spawn nodes, some use player spawned nodes. I have always been a fan of world spawn nodes, as it keeps the total amount of resources tied to the world not the amount of ppl with that profession. I like rushing to a node before someone else and I hope it keeps the costs of materials.

Housing plot nodes – A player can select to place a mining resource plug on their housing plot. The quality of ore is tied to the level of the mining plug.

Resource nodes lvl 1-9 – Until you are trained you will not see the resource nodes on your mini-map but you can see them in the world.

So far I have enjoyed mining a lot. I see it as a great currency generating opportunity if the community sees crafting as a necessary part of the gaming experience. I believe that as more players get a chance to delve into mining we will see small changes as the devs work hard to balance fun, relevance and the economy.

I reached out to a few other players that are streaming to get their thoughts. There is so much to share no one is really spending a lot of time mining on their stream but most have had some interaction with it so far.

Arawulf – can be seen streaming Wildstar at http://www.twitch.tv/wildstarfans

“Gathering is usually one of those mundane tasks that you need to do in an MMO to make coin. It’s definately a new thing when the node can spawn something that hits you back!”

Realblankspace – can be seen streaming Wildstarat http://www.twitch.tv/realblankspace

“I just started gathering in the last few weeks and I enjoy it. Graphically it looks different from other MMOs. Thumbs up from me!”

ZapRobo – can be seen streaming Wildstar at http://www.twitch.tv/wildstarcentral

“Before playing WildStar I would have questioned how mining could be made interesting – sure you could have nodes guarded by some powerful and/or unique mobs but the actual act of mining itself?
The WildStar approach of having nodes turn into creatures (big and small) – plus mining instances (a timed instance where there is all the nodes you could ever want, except you can’t stay there long!) – adds in a different feel.
It feels refreshing – like with many core MMO systems WildStar has put it’s own spin on them, without them becoming too unfamiliar.”

Unindel – can be seen streaming Wildstar at http://www.twitch.tv/guildumbra

“Mining is interesting/fun. When you’re out in the world mining, you’ll encounter things like the ore node jumping out of the ground and trying to scurry away; occasionally you’ll have a giant ore wurm attack and after you defeat it you can go down into its hole for a few minutes of crazy mining time.”

Chief Sarcan – can be seen streaming Wildstar ahttp://www.twitch.tv/chief_sarcan or

“What I enjoy most about mining is the surprises. When a node jumps up and runs away like a scared animal makes me laugh so hard every time I almost forget that I still want the ore and to chase it down to finish it off.

On those rare occasions when an Ore Worm springs out of the ground and looms over me causing me to look straight up to try and meet its eyes before it attacks. Those are the times that really gets the blood going and remind you that this is not your normal mining event.

Defeating a giant worm and all its nodelet babies that are attacking you is extremely satisfying, not to mention tuff. These are the reasons to mine in Wildstar, no more boring loops of endless harvesting because there is an adventure that may occur at the very next node. MUST MINE, yes I must.”

WildStar Bucks Disclaimer: “WildStar Fans, its admins, its contributors and viewers can not be held liable by the Nexus Federal Reserve for any rants, conspiracies, suggestions or ramblings of the author of this column”

The Writer: In addition to being on staff here at WildStar Fans, Anhrez also hosts his own WildStar fan blog, Settler in Exile. You can follow him on Twitter @Anhrez

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